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So Tan Luxury Sunbeds Swansea

For the very latest sunbeds in Swansea look no further than So Tan luxury Tanning Salon based in Swansea and fully refurbished to a very high standard, utilising the very latest Ergo Line Megasun sunbeds with the cutting edge Collatan Twist bulbs, for a faster deeper and safer tan!

Collatan Sunbeds are the future, We have them In Swansea !

The tanning results and performance of the latest Collatan twisted bulbs is of the highest calibre around, So Tan Sunbed salon in Swansea offer you these fantastic benefits,The twisted bulbs are at the cutting edge of technology and offer the perfect luxurious tan as well as the addittional benefits of Collagen stimulation for the skin leaving skin clean, blemish free and rejuvenated.

There are four types of rays given off with these amazing sunbeds, UVA works deep down to give you that deep bronze intense and attractive tan. The UVB rays aid melanin and vitamin D production within the body. The Blue light therapy aids pure clean blemish free skin, improving your complexion whilst you tan ! The Red light rays produce aid Collagen production in the body which is a revitalising and soothing therapy for your body, this can make skin look visibly younger!!

All of So Tan's staff are fully qualified and experienced and here to help with all your needs.

We stock a wide range of Accelarators and creams to give you a bronzed and golden tan time after time, using the correct product for your skin type ensures you get the best tanning experience with a longer lasting and deeper tan

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