Our newest sunbed in swansea's biggest sunbed shop Our new sunbed studio fully equipped with everything you woulod expect from sunbeds in Swansea Swansea sunbed results are amazing with the best tanning and golden results!

Sunbeds Swansea

Sunbeds Swansea has a range of the latest sunbeds in the luxurious surrounding in our recently opened sunbed shop on Neath Road, Swansea, SA1 2LF

We have the latest Ergoline Megasun sunbeds in our spacious tanning salon, with all the facilities you would expect from Swansea's premier sunbed salon, a wide range of creams and accelerators to give you the best tan in Swansea !

Sunbed Shop Swansea

Our sunbed shop in swansea is fully refurbished with luxury surroundings to make tanning in Swansea a pleasant and enjoyable experience, our friendly and helpful staff are here to advise you of the best products to give you that deep golden tan all over your body.

Our new shop in Neath Road has the latest sunbeds in Swansea the Ergoline Megasu7n for a fantastic fast and safe tanning experience.

Sunbed Salon Swansea

Swanseas newest sunbed salon on Neath Road is SO TAN a luxury sunbed salon for the best price tanning experience you will find anywhere in Swansea!, operating from a very large premises they offer comfortable seats and high quality surroundings you would expect from swanseas newest sunbed salon

All of So Tan's staff are fully qualified and experienced and here to help with all your needs.

We stock a wide range of Accelarators and creams to give you a bronzed and golden tan time after time, using the correct product for your skin type ensures you get the best tanning experience with a longer lasting and deeper tan on the best sunbeds in Swansea!!

Call us now to book your appointment on the best Swansea sunbeds here at So Tan on

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